10 $econd Bounty keeps adding up

10 $econd Bounty keeps adding up

Meridian Speedway offered up a Cash Prize of $500.00 to the first Sprintcar Driver to clock a 10 second lap in qualifying on the new pavement back in 2010. As the weeks passed and the speeds got faster, donations started pouring in to raise the bounty even higher.

2010’s closest 11.154 sec. #76 Andy Alberding June 5th (tour)

2011’s closest 11. 257sec. #80 Mike Murgoito August 27th (local)

2011’s closest 11.189sec. #76 Andy Alberding Sept 9th (tour)

Bounty Additions: TOTAL TO DATE $2500.00

Dirt Crew $100.00*

Mulder’s Auto Machine $100.00

Fire Crew $100.00

Fast Track Auto Sales $100.00x

Curt Green $100.00x

Ruth Crow $100.00x

Don Newman $100.00

All Makes Auto Salvage $100.00x

The Dyno Shop $100.00

Mobile Dent Specialist $100.00

Rabbit, NSRA Starter $400.00

Monavie Energy Drinks – Jay Rundle $100.00

Track Bond 50 – $500.00

thank you to all the great supporters of the 10 Second Bounty

to make a donation, call the speedway office 208-888-2813