25 Cars Pace First Test and Tune

25 Cars Pace First Test and Tune

By Tyler Schild, Meridian, ID- Meridian Speedway held the first of three Test and Tune sessions of the season last weekend.  Twenty-five competitors took to the quarter mile’s P1000040cool asphalt to give their cars a pre-season shakedown and gain valuable set-up knowledge.  The rain-washed track proved to be challenging for some.

“It’s slick.  Dirty.  A typical green racetrack,” said one member of Pro-4 champion Joe Barton’s crew.

Despite the conditions cars lapped the track for six solid hours.  Reigning Mini Stock class champion Jason Sanders found his track time beneficial.

“A track like this will teach you how to find grip.  Which is important, because the first part of the season this is what you’re running on,” said Sanders.

The second of three Test and Tune sessions will be held this Saturday, April 12th from 12 to 6 pm.  Public admission is free.  Car and driver fees total $25 including technical inspection, which will once again be available all afternoon.