82 Dayne Amyx

82 Dayne Amyx

Division: Pr0 4’s
Name: Dayne Amyx
Age: 21
Hometown: Boise, Idaho
Car#: 82
Years In Racing: 10
Car Owner: Dayne Amyx

Crew Members:
Don Amyx
Beti Amyx
Mike Marston

Maz-Tech Automotive
Knife River Construction
D-Amyx Construction
A.S.A.P. Storage
D-Brothers Construction

Don Amyx(father)
Beti Amyx(mother)
Tessa Amyx(sister)
Shayna Amyx(sister)

Job Info: Grunt at D-Amyx Construction

Racing Accomplishments:
2004 Sportsman of the Year
2008 SRP Open Champion
2008 SRP R.O.Y.
-4th Nationally in Outlaw Karts
2008-2009 IOKA Open Champion
2009 NW Winter Nationals Champion
2011 SRP Open Champion
2011 Pro4 R.O.Y
2011 Pro4 Alliance Best Looking Car
Twitter Page:
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Dayne-Amyx-Racing/113648512063456