9-2-17 Hornet

9-2-17 Hornet

9-4-17  -Meridian Speedway

As per the penalty for refusal of claim in the Hornet race.
The top 3 finishers were asked if they would submit to a car claim, all three individually replied that they would not.
All were asked a second time if they were sure that they would not submit. Again the answer was no.
At that time all 3 Drivers were disqualified and any other remaining penalties were tabled until the rules could be reviewed.

As per the rule book -Section 14, regarding the Hornet Division.

As all competitors denied the claim in a sportsman like manner and without malice, the accessed penalty’s will only be the minimum allowed.

#00 Riley Rogers is currently suspended from Hornet Division Racing until 2019 Season.
#2 Drew Crenshaw is indefinitely suspended form Hornet Division Racing *2nd Refusal of Claim
#93 Josh Parkila is currently suspended from Hornet Division Racing until 2019 Season.

14.4 MANAGEMENT CLAIM (if you don’t want to sell it for the claiming price, you should run it in the Mini Stock Division.
14.4.1 The claim is in effect at all times and the claim amount is $700.00 for the entire car. Seat and belts may not be removed at time of claim. ALL other components may not be removed.
14.4.2 Refusal of claim will result in suspension from any racing privileges for driver and/or owner for the remainder of the current racing season and the complete next racing season if it is deemed that 50% of the scheduled races for the division have already been run in the current racing season.

Any of the afore mentioned competitors may use the rules set aside in sections,
 1.4 Informal Review or 1.5 Appeals Hearing