Dirty Cup Points Standings

Dirty Cup Points Standings

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We apologize to Cody Fuller and Brett Quinzer of the 125cc class as there was a typo in the qualifying points as they were posted prior to the unofficial announcements on the Dirty Cup Winner.
Brett was declared the Dirty Cup  Winner late Saturday night but as the audit of the results were tabulated it became evident that the close race between the two came down to qualifying as Brett was accidentally given credit for Quick time on Saturday when Cody Fuller actually had bested the other competitors.
Un Official announcement:
1. Brett Quenzer                         143
2. Cody Fuller                             139
3. Brayden Kummermehr       84

Official Correction:
1. Cody Fuller                               141
2. Brett Quenzer                          139
3. Brayden Kummermehr       86

We will be making sure that the proper Trophy and awards are sent to Cody Fuller along with congratulations on the 2012 Dirty Cup
We also apologize to Brett for the mistake and again send our congratulations on both Feature Wins on the Dirty Track

Copy of 2012 Dirty Cup Points

Full Results (link to be added)