Dirty Cup racing wraps with tight title decisions

Dirty Cup racing wraps with tight title decisions

Oct. 22, 2011

MERIDIAN, Idaho — The racing moved from pavement to dirt this weekend at ASA-sanctioned Meridian Speedway, but the results were just as thrilling as fans had come to expect throughout the 2011 season.

Six of the nine inaugural championships for Al Russell’s Dirty Cup of Outlaw Karts were decided by six points or less after Saturday’s second night of racing on the 1/9th-mile high-banked dirt oval.

In fact, one championship was actually split with the children of Meridian pavement racers sharing the Hot Rod championship. Adrian, Ore.’s Aiden Spiers – son of sprintcar driver Darren Spiers – and Boise, Idaho’s Daytona Wurtz – the daughter of Dennis Wurtz II – finished the weekend with 135 points apiece.

Although Wurtz finished second ahead of Spiers in Saturday’s 25-lap main event, Spiers collected more points in the Trophy Dash and qualifying to catch Wurtz in the overall standings. Ethan Jones of Meridian, Idaho won Saturday’s feature.

The Open Flat Karts championship essentially was decided Friday night, when Mountain Home, Idaho driver Richard Jarrett outscored Charlie Ham Jr. of Boise by one point. The two men scored 81 points apiece in Saturday’s racing, with Ham taking the main event checkered flag ahead of Jarrett only to lose the overall title, 144-143.

Outlaw Kart racing promoter Ron Ratterree of Greenleaf, Idaho, cashed in on Caldwell, Idaho driver Matt Whittaker’s bad luck to win the Desperados 500cc Dirty Cup. A fourth-place finish coupled with Whittaker’s rough exit from the track as the checkered flag flew in Saturday’s main event nailed down the title for Ratterree by one point. David Broome of Nampa, Idaho won the feature.

Joe Cook held off fellow Nampan Robert Rendo for the 250cc Midgets Dirty Cup. Ron Hollis of Payette, Idaho won Saturday’s 25-lap main event with Cook finishing third just ahead of Rendo.

Brenna Patton of Boise capped a Dirty Cup championship in the Bandits/Pee Wees in classic style. Patton won the youngest age division after winning Saturday’s 12-lap main event. Her closest rival, Tyler Stock of Boise, finished third and was five points off the pace overall.

Kuna’s Chase Parker roared to the Boxstock championship by winning Saturday’s 20-lap main event with a half-track lead.

In the Jr. 500cc division, Dylan Stacy of Caldwell was runner-up in the 20-lap feature to Nampa’s Justin Segura but won the Dirty Cup by nine points over Boise’s Tyler Henderson.

Winston, Ore., youngster Kyle Alberding walked away with the 125cc Dirty Cup. The son of former ASA Northwest Sprintcar Racing Association champion Andy Alberding was one of only three racers to finish Saturday’s 18-lap feature, grabbing the checkered flag in front of overall runner-up Michael Scott-Miller of Nampa.

Trevor Miran of Meridian won the 500cc Open Dirty Cup after Caldwell’s Matthew Whittaker couldn’t catch him on the final night of action. Whittaker won Saturday’s 30-lap feature, but finished second in the overall, 15 points behind Miran.

The collection of hardware began early Saturday with a round of trophy dashes for each of the Kart classes run for the Dirty Cup.

Dayne Amyx, who raced in the Late Model Sportsman division at the track in 2011, won the 500cc Open trophy dash on the 1/9th-mile high-banked dirt oval carved into the north infield of the quarter-mile asphalt oval.

Charlie Ham Jr., a veteran ASA Modifieds driver, collected a trophy in the four-lap dash for the Flat Karts.

Ron Ratterree showed that a promoter could get the job done, too, as a driver. The Outlaw Kart track owner won the Desperados trophy dash. The Desperados division included drivers 30 and older.

Outlaw Karts resembled dirt winged sprintcars, but they are powered by motorcycle engines. Racers as young as 5 raced Saturday night.

In other trophy dashes, Steve Hopkins of Caldwell, Idaho, won the 250cc Midgets; Tyler Henderson of Boise, Idaho, won the Jr. 500cc race; Meridian, Idaho’s Riley Rogers won in the 125cc event; Nampa, Idaho’s Riley Gonzales won the Box Stock trophy dash; Meridian’s Ethan Jones won the Hot Rods trophy; and Friday night main event champion Brenna Patton of Boise won the Bandits trophy dash.

Meridian Speedway

Al Russell’s Dirty Cup

Saturday’s unofficial results

Main events

500cc Open (30 laps) — 1. Matthew Whittaker, Caldwell, Idaho; 2. Tanner Broome, Nampa, Idaho; 3. Kyle Hossfeld, Boise, Idaho; 4. Brenna Lee, Boise, Idaho; 5. Dylan Stacy, Caldwell, Idaho

500cc Open B main (15 laps, top four to A Main) — 1. Dylan Stacy, Caldwell, Idaho; 2. Chris Ratterree, Nampa, Idaho; 3. Mark Cirelli Jr. Meridian, Idaho; 4. Charlie Fiscus, Star, Idaho; 5. Andrew Hardy, Parma, Idaho

500cc Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Trevor Miran, Meridian, Idaho, 126 points; 2. Whittaker, 111; 3. Hossfeld, 108; 4. Lee, 107; 5. Amyx, 105

250cc Midgets (25 laps) — 1. Ron Hollis, Payette, Idaho; 2. Steve Hopkins, Caldwell, Idaho; 3. Joe Cook, Nampa, Idaho; 4. Robert Rendo, Nampa, Idaho; 5. James Standridge, Boise, Idaho

250cc Midgets Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Cook, 143; 2. Rendo, 140; 3. Hollis, 127; 4. Hopkins, 125; 5. Anita Robertson, Payette, 90

Desperado, 500cc, 30 and older (25 laps) — 1. David Broome, Nampa, Idaho; 2. Ron Ratterree, Greenleaf, Idaho; 3. Adam Nelson, Meridian, Idaho; 4. Matthew Whittaker, Caldwell, Idaho; 5. Jason Hardy, Parma, Idaho

Desperado Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Ratterree, 137; 2. Whittaker, 136; 3. Broome, 113; 4. Rick Bunch, Boise, 112; 5. Jason Hardy, Parma, Idaho, 108

Open Flat Karts (20 laps) — 1. Charlie Ham Jr., Boise, Idaho; 2. Richard Jarrett, Mountain Home, Idaho; 3. Robert Rendo, Nampa, Idaho; 4. Craig Anderson, Boise, Idaho; 5. Todd Moreda, Boise, Idaho

Open Flat Karts Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Jarrett, 144; 2. Charlie Ham Jr., 143; 3. Anderson, 125; 4. Jay Cook, Nampa, 120; 5. Travis Anderson, Boise, 114

125cc (20 laps) — 1. Kyle Alberding, Winston, Ore.; 2. Michael Scott-Miller, Nampa, Idaho; 3. Makenzie Miller, Nampa, Idaho; 4. Jayden Eichelberger, Kuna; 5. Riley Rogers, Meridian, Idaho

125cc Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Alberding, 157; 2. Michael Scott-Miller, 138; 3. Makenzie Miller, 120; 4. Rogers, 116; 5. Eichelberger, 57

Jr. 500cc (20 laps) — 1. Justin Segura, Nampa, Idaho; 2. Dylan Stacy, Caldwell, Idaho; 3. Andrew Clark, Kuna, Idaho; 4. Michael Jones, Nyssa, Ore.; 5. Tyler Henderson, Boise, Idaho

Jr. 500cc Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Stacy, 133; 2. Henderson, 124; 3. Segura, 123; 4. Clark, 113; 5. Jones, 110

Hot Rod (20 laps) — 1. Alex Ruwe, Kuna; 2. Daytona Wurtz, Boise; 3. Aiden Spiers, Adrian, Ore.; 4. CJ Stirm, Nampa

Hot Rod Dirty Cup final standings – Co-champions: Wurtz, 135; and Spiers, 135; 3. Ethan Jones, Meridian, 132; 4. Cody Hollis, Payette, 119; 5. Ruwe, 105

Box Stock (20 laps) — 1. Chase Parker, Kuna, Idaho; 2. Kate Jackson, Middleton, Idaho; 3. Riley Gonzales, Nampa, Idaho; 4. Matthew Lee, Caldwell, Idaho; 5. Kamryn Ham, Boise, Idaho

Box Stock Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Parker, 135; 2. (tie) Gonzales, 129; Jackson, 129; 4. Lee, 125; 5. Kamryn Ham, Boise, 111

Bandits/Pee Wee (12 laps) — 1. Brenna Patton, Boise, Idaho; 2. Katie Daw, Kuna, Idaho; 3. Tyler Stock, Boise, Idaho; 4. Alexis Pisca, Caldwell, Idaho; 5. Austin Latham, Boise, Idaho

Bandits/Pee Wee Dirty Cup final standings – Champion: Patton, 134; 2. Stock, 129; 3. Amber Lemrick, Middleton, 102; 4. Latham, 101; 5. Pisca, 100

Trophy Dashes

(Four laps each)

500cc Open – 1. Dayne Amyx, Boise, Idaho; 2. Austin Lev, Meridian, Idaho; 3. Trevor Miran, Meridian; 4. Tristan Spiers, Adrian, Ore.

250cc Midgets – 1. Steve Hopkins, Caldwell, Idaho; 2. Robert Rendo, Nampa, Idaho; 3. Joe Cook, Nampa; 4. Jason Hardy, Parma, Idaho

Jr. 500cc – 1. Tyler Henderson, Boise, Idaho; 2. Michael Jones, Nyssa, Ore.; 3. Dylan Stacy, Caldwell, Idaho; 4. Justin Segura, Nampa, Idaho

125cc– 1. Riley Rogers, Meridian, Idaho; 2. Micheal Scott Miller, Nampa; 3. Kyle Alberding, Winston, Ore.; 4. Jayden Eichelberger, Kuna, Idaho

Desperado– 1. Ron Ratterree, Greenleaf, Idaho; 2. Matthew Whittaker, Caldwell; 3. Jason Hardy, Parma, Idaho; 4. Rick Bunch, Boise, Idaho

Flat Kart – 1. Charlie Ham Jr., Boise; 2. Richard Jarrett, Mountain Home, Idaho; 3. Dustin Stephenson, Nampa; 4. Travis Anderson, Boise

Box Stock – 1. Riley Gonzales, Nampa; 2. Kate Jackson, Middleton, Idaho; 3. Kamryn Ham, Boise; 4. Chase Parker, Kuna

Hot Rods – 1. Ethan Jones, Meridian; 2. Daytona Wurtz, Boise; 3. Cody Hollis, Payette, Idaho; 4. Aiden Spiers, Adrian, Ore.

Bandits– 1. Brenna Patton, Boise; 2. Austin Latham, Boise; 3. Tyler Stock, Boise; 4. Amber Lemrick, Middleton