Dominos Legends Update 2-9-13

Dominos Legends Update 2-9-13

For those of you that are in or are considering becoming involved in the Legend class at Meridian Speedway, Steve Thimsen is doing a great job as your class representative. DominosLegendsPlease see below for the latest meeting update.

From: Steve Thimsen
Thought I’d send out a summary for those who missed the meeting
(Thanks Daynna) or were talking during and missed anything (Tillman
and Ingham) 🙂

The schedule was discussed and the tentative date of the 5th of July
has been removed by a 15 to 3 vote. We’re going to get some activities
planned for that day, golf or water park and a BBQ as we’ll have alg 18 thimsenbunch of out of town cars in for the 4th and the regional on the 6th.
Also the Wednesday race on the 29th of May will have the itinerary for
legends adjusted. Legends cars will have one practice session, late in
the schedule, and will be first to race during the night. This will
allow the school age pilots to manage their time better as this is
finals week for them.

Qualifying procedure has been adjusted. If there are 15 or fewer cars,
the current ‘Scratch’ rule of 1.5 seconds off of 4th quick time willremain in place. If there are 16 or more cars, the ‘Scratch’ rule will
be 1 second off 4th quick.

There was discussion of the INEX bumper rule. It was voted that weLG 02 Zubizaretta
will follow the rule in the INEX rule book.

The 3 race rookie rule was also mentioned.

If I’ve missed anything or you need clarification, please feel free to
give me a shout at 208.571.5204 ! Thanks!

lg 63 collins