COVID Racing Information

Please view the updated schedule! In order to register to race, please call the office and register for your date and event. All registrations must be prepaid over the phone. You must have your crew predetermined and report each individual on your registration the Thursday before race day.

Teams may consist of:


-Up to 5 crew members maximum

Social Distancing and CDC recommendations will be followed on race day and the events will be closed to the public. All events will be live streamed at

To register for a race, please call the office at 208 888 2813

To edit your crew list – call the office or Instant Message our Meridian Speedway Facebook or Instagram Page on or before the THURSDAY BEFORE RACE DAY. No alterations may be made after this time.

ON RACE DAY: Your pit passes and waiver forms will be pre-prepared for you. Someone will meet you curbside when you enter the facility. Please sign your waiver, put on your pit pass, and sign the video release form (only one for the season). You will then park and drop your forms at the pit pass window.

Most Importantly – We thank you all for your participation and cooperation during this challenging time!