Intense Battles Highlight Championship Races at the Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway

Intense Battles Highlight Championship Races at the Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway


A tacky track led to exciting, close quarters racing Saturday as the Outlaw Karts settled their season on the Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway. Photo Credit: DTMS Staff

Outlaw Kart action roared back onto the Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway Saturday as ten divisions battled to be the Turkey Dinner Winner.  The dirt was tacky and fast as the Outlaw Kart competitors took to the dirt for their final regular season test of the year.

Three karts took the PeeWee division green flag.  Bentley Hull pulled out to an early lead as Tyson Martinson worked his way past Tommy Harrod.  As Hull laid down consistent laps Martinson wheeled his kart steadily closer.  The laps ran out before Martinson could catch Hull, who won his first Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway main event.

The Boxstock division main event went green with Slade Fisher looking for the race day sweep.  Having already collected the Trophy Dash hardware and a Heat Race victory Fisher took the green flag and immediately tried the inside dive that had gotten him the lead in those first two events.  This time the outside line worked for Tristen Allen who sprang to the lead.  That lead was short lived as Dalton Allen piloted his kart through the pack and muscled his way around the high side to take the point and the win while Fisher came home third behind Stephen Smith.

Lacy Nelson also chased a race day sweep in the Hot Rod division.  The low line worked for Lacy as she took the early lead.  Behind her Torrence Tracy and Ashton Cristiani traded paint while battling for second.  This opened the door for Josie Nelson to grab second and set sail after her sister.  While Josie was able to close on Lacy Nelson she wouldn’t make it past her sister, who completed her Hot Rod division sweep.  Behind the Nelson sisters Cristiani emerged from his battle to take third.

The JR 500s saw an intense one-on-one battle form as young Coupe Urrutia and Donovan Barr dueled for class supremacy.  Barr struck first by laying down the quickest qualifying lap for the division.  Urrutia would counter by setting the fastest qualifying time of the day in the Open 500 class.  Something had to give in the JR 500 main event.  When the flag dropped Urrutia and Barr sailed into turn one.  Urrutia emerged ahead of Barr and sprinted away from his competition to claim a comfortable victory.

The 250 Midget ranks welcomed a kart of a different kind Saturday as Vin Stockman and his 600 Midget joined the field.  With Stockman’s superior power set to test Randy Wilcox’s superior handling the green flag fell on the main event.  While Stockman thundered into the first turn Wilcox was able to cut under the more powerful kart and claim the lead.  Stockman wouldn’t be able to track down the more nimble Wilcox, who sped to the win.

Kane Thomasson had been the man to beat in Fart Kart competition through the Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway season.  But Saturday’s races began not with Thomasson taking the checkered flag, but him losing a photo finish to young Kizziah Arp.  Looking for redemption Thomasson jumped to the outside line in the main event and steamed around the entire field.  Early race leader Daniel Chavez placed second ahead of Chris Sirani.

The Open Flat and SR-4 Karts combined for a heated fifteen lap main event.  Tim Lawrence muscled his kart out front while behind him Travis Anderson knifed his way to second.  Anderson sat patiently in the runner up spot, waiting for Lawrence to slip from the inside groove.  Lawrence wouldn’t surrender the preferred line as he held Anderson at bay until the power plant on Anderson’s machine went south.  Now it was Andy Rendo and Ian Maguire providing the pressure for Lawrence.  Neither could work their way around Lawrence who took the Open Flat checkers.  Maguire held onto his kart in the closing laps to claim the SR-4 victory.

The 250 Open class was wide open going into their 18 lap main.  Quick qualifier Blake Kuhl took Trophy Dash honors while slow qualifier Riley Gonzalez won the Heat Race.  On the start Matyi Grace pulled to the lead while Gonzalez and Kuhl were mired in traffic.  On the move early was DJ Sirani, who knifed both high and low to the runner up spot.  Grace ran conservative laps saving the kart in case a late charge was needed.  With three to go Sirani caught Grace and the race was on.  Grace tried to duck low around Gonzalez’s failing kart, but wasn’t able to complete the move.  This slowed Grace and allowed Sirani to cruise around the outside in turns one and two to take the lead.  Grace didn’t have time to come back and had to settle for second behind Sirani.

The Open 500 karts closed the evening with a rough and tumble 25 laps.  On the start Donovan Barr raced to the top spot while an angry field beat and bashed for position.  Lap two saw one of those battles end with Justin Segura shoved to the infield, ending his evening early.  On the restart Rob Powers and Bryan Warf went on the attack.  Powers worked the low side to second while Warf cut high to low to take third.  Now Warf switched back to the high line and hung his kart out sideways to pass Powers for second and run down Barr.  Barr hung onto his lead until a caution with eight laps to go when Warf roared around him.  Now Barr set to defending his second spot.  Barr pedaled his kart hard through the closing laps to hold onto the second spot behind Warf.  Behind the top two carnage erupted when four karts came together at the checkered flag.  The contact sent fourth place Phyl Zubizareta across the line upside down atop third place Rob Powers.  Zubizareta hardly waited for his kart to roll to a halt before he crawled out and set about finding video of his crash.

With another wild race in the books the Dirt Track at Meridian Speedway sets its sights ahead to March 7th and 8th for Race O’Rama.  This event, the Outlaw Kart version of March Madness, will be your last chance to experience the thrill of live racing action before the Meridian Speedway season opens April 18.  Be sure to check for important Race O’Rama updates and for all your local asphalt racing information.  And join us at the Boise Roadster Show March 12-15.