Iron Sportsman provisions announced

Iron Sportsman provisions announced

Meridian Speedway Iron Sportsman Winged Sprintcarssprintcar

Iron Sportsman eligible cars shall Qualify during regular Meridian Speedway time trials as directed
Iron Sportsman eligible cars;
when there are 3 or more cars, shall have a 4 lap Trophy Dash in conjunction with the Meridian Speedway Dash.
when there are 4 or more cars, shall have a 8 lap Iron Sportsman exclusive heat race(s)
when there are  12 or more cars, shall have a Iron Sportsman exclusive Feature if determined necessary.

In all other cases Iron Sportsman cars will be run in the regular Meridian Speedway format. At the completion of each event, Iron Sportsman cars will be awarded regular Meridian Speedway points/payout and tow monies based on finish.

A separate set of points and a bonus payout with a feature trophy will also be awarded to Iron Sportsman eligible cars.

For a car to be eligible as a Iron Sportsman it must conform to all Meridian Speedway specifications with the following exceptions:

  • Cast iron block mandatory
  • Must use production crank or aftermarket replacement of similar weight and material, not to weigh less than 51.0 lbs. (view plug in pan is highly recommended)
  • Connecting rods must be steel (view plug in pan is highly recommended)
  • Maximum 365cid
  • Cast iron heads, 23degree “as cast” no porting approved, exhaust port matching 1/2” approved
  • GM sealed 604crate approved. (no rebuilds- Head seals required)
  • Injection, no down nozzles. Multiple carbs or mechanical TBI approved.  Maximum 2 3/16″ restrictors must be used with injection, 3″ of total restriction required.
  • Tires: RR must be either Hoosier 2048 or American Racer 131. All other corners are optional.

Sportsman cars will be awarded regular Meridian Speedway points and monies, An additional Sportsman Feature Bonus shall be paid out.

These provisions may be altered or adjusted to compensate for any un-sportsman like deviations from the intent of this addendum.