Segment race challenges Pro-4s during Meridian’s military appreciation night

Segment race challenges Pro-4s during Meridian’s military appreciation night

by Jon Brown, MERIDIAN, Idaho – Saturday’s Project Filter Pro-4 All-Star Challenge shapes up as a test of man and machine each year — just how the sponsor PF_Orange_Sml_Logo_Fnllikes it.

Kenny Chandler also seems to be up for the challenge no matter how the format at ASA-sanctioned Meridian Speedway changes through the years.

Three years ago, he won two of three segments – including a 100-lap marathon to cap a crash-filled night – to become the second winner of the perpetual trophy. A few months later, he took another Project Filter challenge and on Oct. 10, 2010 he quit cigarettes.

This year, he’s off to a winning start. Chandler took the checkered flag in the April 13 season opener. He has won eight Pro-4 series championships at Meridian.

The format of segment races on Military Appreciation Night at the quarter-mile paved oval amounts to three main events in one night for the drivers of the 4-cylinder stockcars.

“Traditionally, Project Filter has changed the format for the all-star challenge,” speedway managing partner Adam Nelson said. “This year, we’re going to go with three 33-lap segments. So far, that has been the most challenging format for the drivers.”

It’s merely a coincidence that Chandler – a Project Filter racing team member — drives the No. 33 Corvette.

Nelson likens Saturday night’s featured event to a “tour-style” race.

“There are no heat races,” he said. “That gives them the challenge to see if their cars will last. Can they set up the car to get through the night?”

The Pro-4s are not the only cars that will be put to the test.

The Domino’s Pizza Legends division runs its second feature of the season — and second in seven days — Saturday.

Race fans will observe a moment of silence for fallen service men and women, and each branch of the military will be saluted during pre-race festivities that include a parade of military vehicles from local units and the National Anthem.

Military personnel with ID and their families get into the races free as part of the salute.

Also on the race card are the NAPA Late Models as Dylan Caldwell looks to keep his hot streak going. The reigning series champion has won eight main events since the start of the 2012 season.

The Coors Super Stocks hold Round 2 as well. Boise, Idaho’s Justin Ellis won the first main event of the season.

The Tates Hornets make their third appearance of the young season. The latest main event winner, James Pahl of Caldwell, Idaho, is expected to debut a new racecar in his quest to catch points leader Cody Garrett of Boise.

The second round of the Westby’s Bike Races for Kids also will be held. Call the speedway at (208) 888-2813 for more information, or simply show up at the Turn 1 gate Saturday night with a bicycle and a helmet.

The gates open at 4 p.m. with qualifying around 5 p.m. and racing at 6:30 p.m.

Race tickets are $10 for adults, $7.50 for senior citizens 62 and older and $6 for children ages 7-11. Children 6 and younger get in free. A family ticket good for two adults and up to four children ages 7-11 is $30.

Tickets can be purchased and printed at the track’s website,

Meridian Speedway

2013 standings

(Through May 4 races)

Mtn. Dew Winged Sprints — 1. Bryan Warf, Meridian, ID, 144 points; 2. Johnny Giesler, Meridian, ID, 131; 3. Sierra Jackson, Middleton, ID, 128; 4. Mike Murgoitio, Meridian, ID, 123; 5. Matt Elliott, Caldwell, ID, 93; 6. Brandon Johnson, Meridian, ID, 57; 7. Ryan Burdett, West Jordan, UT, 52; 8. Mark Floyd, Boise, ID, 39; 9. Dave Parrie, Garden City, ID, 37; 7. Sara Henry, Nampa, ID, 12

Pepsi Sprintcars — 1. Tony Ackerland, Star, ID, 88 points; 2. Josh Allen, Meridian, ID, 77; 3. Ryan Wiederich, Nampa, ID, 57; 4. Trevor Cristiani, Boise, ID, 54; 5. Jimmy Gross, Fruitland, ID, 47; 6. Tristen Spiers, Adrian, OR, 46; 7. Justin Segura, Nampa, ID, 42; 8. Rob Grice, Nampa, ID, 40; 9. Colton Nelson, Meridian, ID, 38; 10. Michael Anderson, Nampa, ID, 34

ASA Modifieds — 1. Jentry Pisca, Nampa, ID, 153 points; 2. Shelby Stroebel, Meridian, ID, 129; 3. (tie) Dell Scott, Meridian, ID, 114; Rick Fowble, Twin Falls, ID, 114; 5. Caitlin Stroebel, Meridian, ID, 89; 6. Cade Hollon, Riggins, ID, 80; 7. Charlie Ham Jr., Boise, ID, 72; 8. Tony Ackerland, Star, ID, 50; 9. Josh Jackson, Payette, ID, 46; 10. Pete Trammell, Boise, ID, 36

Budweiser B Modifieds — 1. Josh Jackson, Payette, ID, 75 points; 2. Randy Keckley, Boise, ID, 66; 3. Jay Cook, Nampa, ID, 64; 4. Pete Trammell, Boise, ID, 18; 5. Rosalee Weller, Caldwell, ID, 4

Tates Hornets — 1. Cody Garrett, Boise, ID, 141 points; 2. James Pahl, Caldwell, ID, 120; 3. Fred Nagele, Caldwell, ID, 105; 4. Brandon Hild, Boise, ID, 104; 5. Jeff Goade, Boise, ID, 103; 6. Chuck Youngblood, Meridian, ID, 102; 7. Jess Ryska, Meridian, ID, 101; 8. (tie) Cody Brizendine, Nampa, ID, 81; Monica Heath, Nampa, ID, 81; 10. Lynn Sharp, Nampa, ID, 75

NAPA Late Models – 1. Chris Fenton, Meridian, ID, 74 points; 2. Dylan Caldwell, Nampa, ID, 72; 3. Lee Hackney, Boise, ID, 64; 4. Dan Lowther, Boise, ID, 57; 5. Mike Marston, Boise, ID, 52; 6. Tyler “TJ” Monroe, Meridian, ID, 51; 7. Jake Petero, Ontario, OR, 38

Coors Super Stocks — 1. Justin Ellis, Boise, ID, 79 points; 2. Rob Powers, Meridian, ID, 71; 3. Gale Carter, Boise, ID, 60; 5. Josh Jackson, Payette, ID, 58; 5. Anthony Boven, Boise, ID, 8

Project Filter Pro-4s — 1. Kenny Chandler, Kuna, ID, 80 points; 2. Joe Barton, Nampa, ID, 78; 3. Chet Thorson, Nampa, ID, 63; 4. Larry Hull III, Boise, ID, 57; 5. Ryan Bailey, Meridian, ID, 48; 6. (tie) Jeffery Snethen, Boise, ID, 42; Terry Sherman, Boise, ID, 42

College of Western Idaho Professional Truck Driving Street Stocks — 1. Marv Weaver, Nampa, ID, 142 points; 2. Rick Baldwin, Middleton, ID, 134; 3. Melissa Weaver, Nampa, ID, 127; 4. Jeff Meads, Nampa, ID, 122; 5. Bobby Riggs, Fruitland, ID, 99; 6. Shaun Bush, Marsing, ID, 90; 7. Rick Moran, Meridian, ID, 68; 8. Scott Shoecraft, Boise, ID, 66; 9. Tommy Lumpkin-Kirkland, Nampa, ID, 61; 10. (tie) Daniel Johnson, Caldwell, ID, 59; Ray Bolinger, Meridian, ID, 59

Domino’s Pizza Legends — 1. Phyl Zubizareta, Garden City, ID, 97 points; 2. Casey Tillman, Kuna, ID, 95; 3. Mike Cullum, Meridian, ID, 81; 4. Sara Henry, Nampa, ID, 67; 5. Zach Blume, Eagle, ID, 56; 6. Rob Collins, McCall, ID, 55; 7. Charlie Fiscus, Star, ID, 46; 8. Aubree Wartman, Boise, ID, 37; 9. Steve Thimsen, Boise, ID, 31; 10. Chance Davis, Emmett, ID, 30

TEAM Mazda-Subaru Mini Stocks — 1. Jason Sanders, Caldwell, ID, 192 points; 2. Colton Nelson, Meridian, ID, 160; 3. Brendon Fries, Meridian, ID, 125; 4. (tie) Larry Hull III, Boise, ID, 85; Jonathan Hull, Boise, ID, 85; 6. (tie) Brandon Shira, Boise, ID, 75; TJ Labronte, Meridian, ID, 75; 8. Denny Gerber, Meridian, ID, 74; 9. Donovan Johns, Caldwell, ID, 66. 10. (tie) Mary Johnson, Meridian, ID, 65; Nathan Dearing, Boise, ID, 65

Jr. Stingers — 1. Riley Rogers, Meridian, ID, 88 points; 2. Jordan Kirkland, Boise, ID, 76; 3. Daytona Wurtz, Boise, ID, 74; 4. (tie) Kendra Occhipinti, Nampa, ID, 51; Hunter Gates, Nampa, ID, 51; 6. Taylor Occhipinti, Nampa, ID, 48; 7. CJ Stirm, Nampa, ID, 46; 8. Tyler Marston-Henderson, Boise, ID, 38; 9. Matthew Gerber, Boise, ID, 33; 10. Stafford Smith, Eagle, ID, 31

Thunder Dogs — 1. Bulldacious, 294 points; 2. Hot Pursuit, Meridian, ID, 204; 3. Catfish, Meridian, ID, 143; 4. Big Tuna, Boise, ID, 105; 5. Buzz Lightyear, Meridian, ID, 101; 6. Bumble Bee, Meridian, ID, 97; 7. Money Pit, Boise, ID, 85; 8. Sledgehammer, Nampa, ID, 61; 9. Over Kill, 38; 10. Bumper Sniffer, Boise, ID, 34