Stroebel walks away for victory in Modifieds 50 at Meridian Speedway

Stroebel walks away for victory in Modifieds 50 at Meridian Speedway

MERIDIAN, Idaho – Shelby Stroebel and his engine builder stayed up until 10 o’clock Friday night, tearing down the power plant in his ASA Modifieds racecar.logoMS12

Less than 24 hours later, Stroebel cruised to an easy victory in the 50-lap race at ASA-sanctioned Meridian Speedway on Saturday night.

The reigning track champion ran away from the field to build his resume in the ASA Member Track National Championship standings, too.

“It definitely worked good,” Stroebel said of his race car. “I don’t know how far back (his competitors) were. I got out front and put in on cruise control.”

In other main events:

Riley Rogers, 13, made a daring move late in the Jr. Stingers race to take another step toward a second consecutive season championship.

Former track champion Joe Barton of Nampa, Idaho made a triumphant return from a scary crash earlier in the year to win in the Project Filter Pro-4s.

It took a while, but Nampa’s Melissa Weaver found herself in victory lane again in the College Western of Idaho Professional Truck Driving Street Stocks.

Driving a newly acquired racecar for only the second time, Garden City, Idaho’s DJ Everett won the 40-lap Tates Hornets feature. One year earlier, Everett drove the same car to a victory.

Stroebel’s win Saturday night may have helped his cause in the Intermountain Outlaw Modifieds Series, too. That series ran in conjunction with the local ASA Modifieds, bringing drivers from eastern Idaho and Salt Lake City.

Stroebel leads the local track standings and he’s fifth in the national standings. He entered Saturday’s action 39 points behind Nampa, Idaho’s Jentry Pisca in the Intermountain standings.

Pisca missed Saturday’s race, but his racecar didn’t. Taking advantage of an Intermountain series rule allowing one substitute driver in the season, Pisca relinquished his racing seat to Meridian’s Mike Murgoitio.

Murgoitio drove Pisca’s No. 20 modified to second place, albeit a half-lap behind Stroebel.

Stroebel and Murgoitio consistently drove to the front from the high line on restarts Saturday night, but Murgoitio couldn’t keep up the pace.

Stroebel drove to the front 15 laps into the race, passing Boise, Idaho’s Kyle Latham out of Turn 2.

Latham had taken the lead from Pocatello, Idaho dirt-tracker Jerry Bailey six laps earlier.

In the 25-lap Street Stocks feature, it looked as if Melissa Weaver wouldn’t even finish in the top five as she had a difficult time driving through the field.

Weaver languished behind Boise’s Shawn Hansen for the first half of the main event as division rookie Scott Shoecraft of Boise sped out front in a Ford Mustang.

Weaver still wasn’t in the top five with 10 laps to go when she got tangled up in a four-car crash in Turns 3-4. Marsing, Idaho’s Shaun Bush spun in the middle of the turn and Hansen crashed hard, breaking his rear axle.

Weaver and Jeff Meads were also involved and had to go to the back of the pack for the restart.

The reigning champion got her chance one lap later when Middleton, Idaho’s Rick Baldwin brought out the race’s third yellow flag by spinning in Turn 3.

Lining up in the third row on the cone restart, Weaver chased race leader Destiny Huber for a couple laps before flashing by the Caldwell driver on the low side of the track with three laps to go.

Huber held on for her best finish of the season, but was disqualified after the race when her Camaro didn’t make weight.

There wasn’t nearly the drama in the Pepsi Sprintcars 30-lap main event as Star, Idaho’s Tony Ackerland rocketed to another victory in his quest for a season championship.

“I gotta say the reason they call it a rocket is these guys behind me — Eric Ransom and Joey Moore,” Ackerland said after picking up another checkered flag. “They put a nice piece underneath me.”

Ackerland pushed to the front for good when he drove past Nampa’s Michael Anderson with 17 laps to go.

The veteran didn’t allow a yellow flag delay his destiny, roaring back out to the front on the restart after 14-year-old Justin Segura of Caldwell had spun out.

Ackerland flashed to the front again on the restart and built a two-second lead in a matter of a couple laps.

In the Jr. Stingers, Riley Rogers may have recently turned 13 years old, but on Saturday night he made some racing moves that racers three times his age may not be able to pull off.

With five laps remaining in the Jr. Stingers main event, the reigning division champion sped to the low side of the track and passed a lapped car and the lead car to go out front for good.

Rogers’ victory pushed him closer to a repeat performance at the top of the four-cylinder division open to boys and girls ages 12-14.

Fellow Meridian racer Peter Woog looked poised to run away with the 25-lap Jr. Stingers main event, but his six-second lead vanished in a blink when Eagle, Idaho’s Cora Munro spun out in Turn 2. The yellow flag came out with 18 laps remaining.

The caution flag created a side-by-side restart with Rogers settling in on the high side in the third row, while Woog elected to take the low line for the restart.

Woog looked poised to pull away again, but his racecar began to drift high in the turns, giving Rogers the opening he needed to cut the gap down.

With five laps to go, Rogers caught Woog and dove low on the backstretch to drive past the slower car of CJ Stirm of Nampa, Idaho, and also Woog, who was trying to lap Stirm on the high side.

It took nearly two months, but Barton returned to form in the Pro-4s, surviving a 25-lap race of attrition to take the checkered flag.

Barton won a race that had just three cars on the track at the end. Rookie Larry Hull III of Boise saw his most promising night of the season conclude after two crashes into the Turn 1-2 wall.

Even after losing a good portion of the sheet metal in the back of his car in the first crash, Hull challenged for the lead.

But Hull drove too hard into Turn 1 while trying to get past Barton on a side-by-side restart, spun 180 degrees and smacked the driver’s side of his 00 racecar into the wall.

Another former champion, Kenny Chandler of Kuna, Idaho, had trouble all day and wound up starting the main event scratch in his backup car. Chandler challenged for a high finish midway through the race before retiring to the infield.

“We hate to see all those yellows and carnage out there, but Dad and I have a lot of hours in this car to get back to the track,” Barton said. “We stripped it down to the chassis.”

Barton’s season was seemingly over after a bad crash all but destroyed racecar in a July 6 crash.

The speedway’s Labor Day Weekend racing continues tonight with the added thrill of hot rods, muscle cars and classic rides in the pits for the Kool Oldies 99.5 Cruise ‘N’ Drag Night.

The ASA Modifieds are back, running double features as are the Budweiser B Modifieds. The SPI Super Sixes tour returns to the quarter-mile paved oval and the TEAM Mazda Subaru Mini Stocks will hit the track.

The gates open at 4 p.m. with qualifying about an hour later and racing at 6:30 p.m.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $7.50 for senior citizens and military with ID, $6 for children ages 7-11 and, as always, free for children 6 and younger. A family pass good for two adults and up to four children ages 7-11 is $30.

Visit or “like” Meridian Speedway on Facebook to get the latest information. You can also buy tickets on the track’s website and print them at home.

The racetrack can be reached by phone at (208) 888-2813.


Meridian Speedway

Tates Rents Fan Night

Saturday’s unofficial results

Main events

ASA Modifieds/Intermountain Outlaw Modifieds Series (50 laps) – 1. Shelby Stroebel, Meridian, Idaho; 2. Mike Murgoitio, Meridian; 3. Abe Carter, Salt Lake City, Utah; 4. Rick Fowble, Twin Falls, Idaho; 5. Kyle Latham, Boise, Idaho

Project Filter Pro-4s (25 laps) – 1. Joe Barton, Nampa; 2. Ryan Bailey, Meridian; 3. James DeMello, Boise; 4. Larry Hull III, Boise; 5. Kenny Chandler, Kuna

College of Western Idaho Professional Truck Driving Street Stocks (25 laps) – 1. Melissa Weaver, Nampa, Idaho; 2. Daniel Johnson, Caldwell; 3. Shaun Bush, Marsing, Idaho; 4. Rick Baldwin, Middleton, Idaho; 5. Marv Weaver, Nampa

Pepsi Sprintcars (30 laps) – 1. Tony Ackerland, Star, Idaho; 2. Chris Fenton, Meridian; 3. Ryan Newman, Caldwell; 4. Colton Nelson, Meridian; 5. Michael Anderson, Nampa

Jr. Stingers (25 laps) – 1. Riley Rogers, Meridian, Idaho; 2. Peter Woog, Meridian; 3. Jordan Kirkland, Boise, Idaho; 4. Kendra Occhipinti, Nampa; 5. Daytona Wurtz, Kuna, Idaho

Tates Hornets (40 laps) – 1. DJ Everett, Garden City, Idaho; 2. Jess Ryska, Meridian; 3. Charlie Atkinson, Caldwell; 4. Thomas Harrod, Nampa; 5. Cody Kirkland, Meridian

Heat races

(Eight laps each)

Project Filter Pro-4s

Fast Dash – 1. Ron Hayes, Boise; 2. Joe Barton, Nampa; 3. Ryan Bailey, Meridian; 4. Larry Hull III, Boise

B Heat – 1. Jeffery Snethen, Boise; 2. James DeMello, Boise; 3. Bob Coply, Boise

CWI PTD Street Stocks

Fast Dash – 1. Bush; 2. Jeff Meads, Nampa; 3. Shawn Hansen, Boise; 4. Melissa Weaver; 5. Johnson

B Heat – 1. Huber; 2. Scott Shoecraft, Boise; 3. Baldwin; 4. Ray Bolinger, Meridian; 5. Tommy Kirkland, Nampa

Pepsi Sprintcars

Fast Dash – 1. Justin Segura, Caldwell; 2. Ryan Newman, Caldwell; 3. Tony Ackerland, Star, Idaho; 4. Ryan Wiederich, Nampa; 5. Chris Fenton, Meridian

B Heat – 1. Colton Nelson, Meridian; 2. Michael Anderson, Nampa; 3. Tyler Barrow, Boise; 4. Jimmy Gross, Fruitland, Idaho; 5. Dan Darrow, Boise

ASA Modifieds

Intermountain Outlaw Modifieds Series

Fast Dash – 1. Shelby Stroebel; 2. Rus Ward, Boise; 3. Rick Fowble, Twin Falls, Idaho; 4. Mike Murgoitio, Meridian; 5. Tony Phernetton, Hammett, Idaho

B Heat – 1. Jerry Bailey, Pocatello, Idaho; 2. Tony Flores, Meridian; 3. Rosalee Weller, Caldwell; 4. Rich Friend, Pollock, Idaho; 5. Kyle Latham, Boise

(Six laps each)

Tates Hornets

Fast Dash – 1. Cody Brizendine, Nampa; 2. Drew Crenshaw, Nampa; 3. Rob Powers, Meridian; 4. Thomas Harrod, Nampa; 5. Brandon Hild, Boise

B Heat – 1. Michael Capps, Meridian; 2. Charlie Atkinson, Caldwell; 3. Kenny Driebergen, Boise; 4. Stacy Heath, Nampa; 5. Monica Heath, Caldwell

C Heat – 1. Neil Evans, Caldwell; 2. Cody Kirkland, Meridian; 3. Bill Allen, Meridian; 4. Jim Longden, Boise; 5. Kayla Harris, Nampa

D Heat – 1. DJ Everett; 2. Gary Luck, Boise; 3. Pat Sorrel; 4. Denton Guisasola, Nampa; 5. David Salisbury

Jr. Stingers

Fast Dash – 1. Kendra Occhipinti; 2. Jordan Harris, Nampa; 3. Rogers; 4. Jordan Kirkland, Boise; 5. Wurtz

B Heat – 1. CJ Stirm, Nampa; 2. Taylor Occhipinti, Nampa; 3. Cherokee Arnold, Star; 4. Tayvia Morris, Nampa; 5. Conner Woog, Meridian


Fast times

Project Filter Pro-4s – Larry Hull III, Boise, 14.499 seconds

CWI PTD Street Stocks – Melissa Weaver, 14.958

Pepsi Sprintcars – Ackerland, 13.434

ASA/IOMS Modifieds – Shelby Stroebel, 14.020

Jr. Stingers – Rogers, 16.632