The Dirty Cup

The Dirty Cup

 Al Russel’s The Dirty Cup was first held in 2011 and showcased the first winners in a now long list of participants. 2018 Dirty Cup will be the first race of the Summer Dirt Series. The Dirty Cup event will be going through a format change this year.  Originally scheduled for March 17th and 18th, has been compressed into a single day format. The highest point earner on the weekend will be The Dirty Cup Champ for 2018.
Saturday, March 17th the new format will consist of the following:

  • Heat One – Lined up per entry.
       *(call and get on the pre entry list for your class) 208-888-2813
  • Heat Two – Invert of heat one line up.
  • Main Event # 1 – Lined up by points with an invert of the top 4 positions.
  • Main Event # 2 – Lined up by points with an invert of the top 4 positions.

The overall Dirty Cup champion for each class will be the high point earner at the end of the day.  Al Russell has stepped up to offer a $300 payout for each Dirty Cup champion competing in a class with 10 or more karts. 

The following classes will run for the Title:
Entries to date:

  • Dirty Pee Wee
    56 Kalli Weller
    26 Eldon Allen
    13 Karsen Sirani
    6 Paxton Gulies
  • Dirty Box Stock
    2 Christopher Barrow
    279 Payton Weller
    01 Brady Williams
    96 Makayla Trafford
  • Dirty Hot Rod
    2 Bryson Barrow
    972 Courtney Weller
    13b Bentley Hull
    49c Chance O’Dell
    45 Brady Ransom
    61 Amillea Eccles
    14 Hudson Eccles
  • Dirty 250 Open
    90 Ashton Cristiani
    35 Neveah Hull
    08 Dalton Allen
    15b Larry Butterfield
  • Dirty 500 Open
    83 Dalton Cristiani
    99 Corey Lockwood
    62 James Dwello
    13 DJ Sirani
    d30 Josh Foust
    33c Casey Scott
  • Dirty Predator Stox
    88 Brady Blinkhorn
    24 Trevor Ford
    64 Brian William
  • Jr. Speedway
    11 Reanna Byers
  • Sr. 4 Cycle
    55 Dale Smitchger
    88 Brady Blinkhorn
    14 Tiffany Shawver
    22 Justin Yuen
  • Idaho UAS

Entry fees will be $30 per class run including transponder and driver pit pass.  Pit passes will be $12 for people ages 12 and up, and $9 for seniors, military personnel and children under 12.  Gates open at 11:00, racing starts at 2:00.  

Open 500 Trevor Miran
500 Sportsman Ron Ratterree
250 Midget Jay Cook 
Idaho UAS Rich Jerrett
250 Open Kyle Alberding
Jr 500 Dylan Stacy
Hot Rod Daytona Wurtz
Box Stock Chase Parker
Pee Wee Brenna Patton

Open 500 Dylan Stacy
500 Sportsman Kirk Wartman
250 Midget Pat Hoskins
Idaho UAS Tim Lawerance
250 Open Delaney Blume
125 Cody Fuller
Jr 500 Nick Iasaacson
Hot Rod Ceagan Cannon
Box Stock Anthony O’Leary
Pee Wee Ashton Cristiani

Open 500 Brandon Johnson
500 Sportsman Rob Collins
250 Midget Aaron McPeak
Idaho UAS Dustin Stephenson
250 Open Erin Huddleston
Hot Rod Dalton Cristiani
Box Stock Noah Tveidt
Pee Wee Madalyn Elliott

Open 500 Dylan Caldwell
500 Sportsman Cody Huddleston
250 Midget Dan Abbott
Idaho UAS Travis Anderson
250 Open Erin Huddleston
Jr 500 Kaleb Johnson
Fart Kart Bryan Warf
Hot Rod DJ Sirani
Box Stock Slade Fisher
Pee Wee Jacoby Hayes

Open 500 Erin Huddleston
Idaho UAS Ryan Fernandes
Sr 4 Cycle Scott Bideganeta
Jr UAS Dan Watkins
250 Open Matyi Crace
Fart Kart Kizziah Arp
Hot Rod Nevah Hull
Box Stock Bentley Hull
Jr Speedway Brady Ransom