Thrilling Stunts, Intense Action Mark Eve of Destruction 6

Thrilling Stunts, Intense Action Mark Eve of Destruction 6


Stunt performer Mr. Dizzy slams into a stack of four crash cars during Saturday’s Eve of Destruction event. Photo Credit: MS Staff

In front of a packed house Meridian Speedway celebrated its 6th Annual Eve of Destruction.  While choreographed thrills and spills were set to take the spotlight, Saturday’s racing action provided plenty of fireworks to the already exciting program.

The Tates Rents Hornets rolled thirty competitive racecars onto the asphalt quarter-mile for an exciting 35 lap main event.  Stacy Heath took full advantage of her outside front row starting position to slingshot around Ron Compton to lead the first lap while chaos erupted behind the Lady Animal.  On lap two eight racers tangled in turn one, including weekly contenders Cody Brizendine and Kenny Driebergen.  Once the race resumed the action picked up right where it left off.  On the move early were Charlie Atkinson and Thomas Harrod, who wasted only three laps making their way to the top of the Pepsi-Cola scoreboard.  With 29 circuits left Harrod dove below Atkinson, but a caution both halted his progress and shuffled the 82 car to the high groove.  Two laps later Harrod would claim a spot in the inside line and pull ahead of Atkinson for the lead.  Kodi Newberry in his US Shingle machine followed the former Hornet division champion to take second.  But Newberry wasn’t done as he pulled up to Harrod’s rear bumper.

Newberry tried to go low on Harrod with 22 to go to no avail.  Next Newberry went to work on the high side, but still Harrod was able to fend off the charge until lapped traffic intervened and Harrod spun into the infield.  On the restart Newberry would lose the lead to Michael Capps while further back in the pack fast heat race winner Rob Powers had worked his way to fourth.  With fifteen to go Newberry had drawn up to Capps’ bumper, but was unable to make progress as Capps used lapped traffic and an extremely defensive driving line to keep the number Newberry behind his Boise Bath and Kitchen Company car.  After a door-banging, six lap duel another caution flew, pausing the intense battle only briefly.

Back underway Newberry changed tactics, laying off Capps’ machine on the straightaways then taking huge dives into the corner to gain ground.  Finally Newberry got a run to the high side, but again Capps would not be moved as he edged Newberry toward the outside wall with two laps to go.  This would prove to be the winning move as Capps crossed the finish line first.  Upon official review it was determined that Capps’ driving, though aggressive, was legal and he collected his first main event trophy.

The Project Filter Pro-4s took 25 laps to settle their main event as Joe Barton pulled out to the early lead over heat race winner Ron Hayes.  Deeper in the pack James Cloud and Kenny Chandler renewed their heat race scrum for the final spot on the Pepsi-Cola scoreboard.  Chandler in his Fairly Reliable Bob’s racer would win out and join Larry Hull III in tracking down leader Barton.  Hull III would shoot around the outside of Barton for the top spot while Hayes and Chandler would run side-by-side for third until only a dozen laps remained.  Chandler now went to work wheeling his racer hard to catch Barton, and with five circuits remaining he would get within striking distance.  Barton held the low line forcing Chandler to pass using the high groove, but try as Chandler might he couldn’t muster the run to pass Barton for second behind race winner Hull III’s machine.

“We’ve had a rough week,” said Hull III in Arctic Circle Victory Lane.  “We’ve had the motor out of this thing twice this week.  Glad it paid off.”

At the first intermission Mr. Dizzy made his first appearance, jumping his stunt vehicle into a stack of four cars.  As the pyrotechnics lit up the Meridian Speedway infield Mr. Dizzy speared the stack and successfully demolished every vehicle in it before climbing from the smoking heap.

“Remember kids, always wear your helmets,” said Mr. Dizzy after climbing out of the pile of wreckage.  “And don’t try this at home.”

Coors Super Stock action saw Jess Ryska use the low line to grab the early lead, but it was his teammate Rob Powers who grabbed the lead on lap two.  Now Ryska fell into the clutches of Lynn Sharp , who hooked the low line around the rookie and set to chasing down Powers.  But Sharp would run out of time as Powers in his Vapology-sponsored car cruised to another Coors Super Stock victory.

The consistently competitive TEAM Mazda Subaru Mini Stocks packed twenty racers into their 35 lap main event.  On the break Alex Duda roared around Everett Meeks for the top spot as the big field worked to sort itself out.  Four laps in Mike Anderson worked Duda over on the high side to take the top spot.  Mid-pack Donavon Parker and Johnathan Hull hooked up in an attempt move forward.  The going was slow, but ten laps in the pair found themselves holding fifth and sixth.  Things were busy up front too as Robbie Hyde and Mike Davis tried Anderson for the lead.  Anderson would fend off these advances, but when Anderson and Parker came together at the start finish line on lap fifteen they brought out the caution flag and were moved to the back of the pack.

This left Hyde in his The Cove of Twin Falls car at the point with Duda second and Pat McGuire third.  Duda would try the high side of Hyde and for six laps the pair would battle door-to-door until Hyde had to dive low to avoid lapped traffic and lost the top spot to Duda.  But later that lap it was Travis Pavlacky and Johnathan Hull storming around the outside of both Hyde and leader Duda to claim the top two spots.  Pavlacky claimed the low line while Hull ran his Spiers Construction entry high, but back in the pack Parker and Drew Crenshaw came together.  The contact cut Parker’s right rear tire, spinning him into Crenshaw and Keri Ballard, who hopped Crenshaw’s right side tires and body slammed the turn three wall.  Ballard would climb from her smashed Ace Auto Sales car under her own power as Crenshaw and Parker exchange some less than friendly words and hand gestures after the collision.

That left just eight laps to settle the battle between top five runners Pavlacky, Hull, Duda, Hyde, and Blake Coria.  When the green flag waved Hull surprised Pavlacky on the high side to claim the lead, but Pavlacky immediately turned up the wick in hot pursuit of Hull.  Unable to make enough speed on the high line to make the pass Pavlacky make his front bumper a permanent fixture on Hull’s rear bumper trying to cause a bobble.  This strategy didn’t work until the last lap when Pavlacky made too much contact with Hull in turn three and sent the young driver around.  This move earned Pavlacky a disqualification for rough driving, leaving the win to late race charger Jason Sanders and his Valley Property Management number 87.

“Everybody was breaking, crashing, and smashing,” Sanders said in Arctic Circle Victory Lane. “You just got to wait for the time.”

The Gauntlet race saw Adam Nelson pilot the Gauntlet van against thirteen hungry Tates Rents Hornets competitors.  Nelson made all but three of the required eight circuits before the pack was able to flatten his right rear tire and pin his watermelon-slinging van in turn one.  Another staple of the Eve of Destruction action was the Tow Mater Reverse Race, a contest that pitted a dozen Hornet competitors against each other in reverse.  Charlie Atkinson made the best use of his mirrors and outran the pack to pilot his Sarge’s Towing car to victory.

The World Famous Boat Races came down to a three vehicle showdown as Thunderdogs Bulldacious, Caterkiller, and Pick Up Man.  Bulldacious made it to the final three after being tangled up with fellow Boat Race competitor Hot Pursuit in turn one for five circuits.  Caterkiller took to the track with one of the largest vessels in tow, and though his craft was whittled to a nub it was still attached.  Pick Up Man had used his heavy steel battering ram to cut through the competition, and over the final four laps continued separate boats from vehicles.  Bulldacious was the first victim, losing his boat in an enormous collision in turn three.  Next Pick Up Man was able to outlast the faultering Caterkiller machine to collect the win.

“This truck is indestructible,” said Pick Up Man driver Colton Nelson.  “It’s like a tank with wheels.”

With the smoke cleared from the quarter-mile Meridian Speedway turns its attention to next weekend.  Saturday, August 9th the Cast Iron 360 Sprintcars invade the speedway along with the Meridian Speedway and Budweiser Modifieds, Domino’s Pizza Legends, Project Filter Pro-4s, and Go-Karts.  General admission for Saturday’s races is $10.25.  Gates open at 4 p.m. with races taking the green flag at 6:30 p.m.

As always this week’s action was a Contingency Connection event.  Each week Contingency Connection offers nearly $2000 in awards from NATIONAL manufacturers.  For more information on Contingency Connection, see Meridian Speedway officials.