By Tyler Schild, MERIDIAN, Idaho—Saturday, November 8, Meridian 2008 WIRA LogoSpeedway, in conjunction with the Western Idaho Racing Association, hosted its annual awards banquet.  Meridian Speedway presented hardware to fifteen division champions while WIRA inducted two members into its hall of fame.  A special honor was also awarded to Meridian Speedway’s Driver of the Year.

Bryan Warf started his racing career wrestling Open Flat go-karts on dirt before stepping into asphalt supermodifieds and sprintcars.  While his well-honed racing skills have made him a formidable on-track opponent, Warf collected the Driver of the Year award for much more than his ability to wheel his sprintcar around the quarter-mile.  It was Warf’s dedication to mentoring the young crop of winged sprintcar drivers that made him a lock for the racing humanitarian award.

“I had a lot of people that taught me to race when I was younger,” Warf said of his transition from karts to sprintcars.  “I guess this means I’m getting old.”

Warf’s representation of Idaho motorsports while touring with the Western Winged Sprintcars was also cited as a determining factor.

“We have the best race track in the Northwest,” Warf said.  “Let’s be proud of what we have.”   

Dave Brodigan, nicknamed ‘Mighty’ by his competitors, was inducted into the WIRA Hall of Fame Saturday. Brodigan’s contribution to Idaho motorsports over his 30 years of racing, including his organization of the Blind Alley Rally, was rewarded with the longest standing ovation of the evening. 

“What an honor,” Brodigan said, looking over his plaque.  “Thank you.”

In a rare step WIRA inducted a second member into its Hall of Fame Saturday.  This honor was given to Adam Nelson for his life-long involvement with Idaho motorsports and Meridian Speedway.  Following in the footsteps of his father Nelson was a racer before he transitioned to promoter.  Nelson was responsible for the 2003 resurrection of the Eagle, Idaho Super Oval, renamed Chaparral, and is the current managing partner of Meridian Speedway.    

“Cool,” was all the normally talkative Nelson could muster for some time after being called to the stage.  “Nothing signifies racing more than family,” said Nelson, returning to form.  “I’m fortunate to have the best wife you could have…it takes a special kind of woman to put up with us circle track guys.” 

“I’ve never heard him at a loss for words,” said long-time corner flagger Craig Beckstead.

With hardware handed out Meridian Speedway competitors look to April for the start of the 2015 racing season. Be sure to check for 2015 schedule and rule updates.  We look forward to seeing you next year under the big yellow water tower at Meridian Speedway.

2014 Meridian Speedway Point Standings and Awards

Driver of the Year-Bryan Warf

WIRA Hall of Fame Inductee-Dave Brodigan

WIRA Hall of Fame Inductee-Adam Nelson

Mountain Dew Winged Sprintcars

Standings-1.Bryan Warf-538 2.Justin Segura-389 3.Colton Nelson-382

Rookie of the Year-Justin Segura Sportsman-Bryan Warf Mechanic-Pat Russell Hard Luck-Richard Miranda

NAPA Big 5 Latemodels

Standings-1.Lee Hackney-286 2.Trevor Cristiani-277 3.Dennis Wurtz II-246

Rookie of the Year-Tyler Marston Sportsman-Pat Tully Mechanic-Mike Elliott Hard Luck-Dave Thomasson

Meridian Speedway Modifieds

Standings-1.Rus Ward-578 2.Shelby Stroebel-366 3.Dennis Wurtz II-365

Rookie of the Year-Brent Collins Sportsman-Pete Trammell Mechanic-Dennis Wurtz II Hard Luck-Rodney Houpt

Cast Iron 360 Sprintcars

Standings-1.Justin Segura-545 2.Colton Nelson-526 3.Chris Ratterree-178

Pepsi Sprintcars

Standings-1.Ryan Newman-801 2.Tony Ackerland-624 3.Colton Nelson-596

Rookie of the Year-Riley Rogers Sportsman-Mike Anderson Mechanic-Nacho Segura Hard Luck-Riley Rogers

Coors Super Stocks

Standings-1.Rob Powers-836 2.Jess Ryska-645 3.Lynn Sharp-397

Rookie of the Year-Jess Ryska Sportsman-Rob Powers Mechanic-Scott Schumaker Hard Luck-Jess Ryska

Project Filter Pro-4s

Standings-1.Joe Barton-754 2.Kenny Chandler-643 3.Larry Hull III-622

Rookie of the Year-Brendon Fries Sportsman-Joe Barton Mechanic-Jewels Rose Hard Luck-Ryan Bailey

Budweiser Modifieds

Standings-1.Darvin Ackerland-800 2.Rick Baldwin-658 3.Scott Durbin-635

Rookie of the Year-Rick Moran Sportsman-Rick Baldwin Mechanic-Ken Mills Hard Luck-Randy Keckley

College of Western Idaho Street Stocks

Standings-1.Melissa Weaver-847 2.Marv Weaver-751 3.Shaun Bush-631

Sportsman-Shaun Bush Mechanic-Marv Weaver Hard Luck-Ray Otis

TEAM Mazda Subaru Mini Stocks

Standings-1.Jason Sanders-915 2.Donavon Parker-760 3.Mary Johnson-681

Rookie of the Year-Blake Coria Sportsman-Mike Davis Mechanic-Donavon Parker Hard Luck-Everett Meeks

Domino’s Pizza Legends

Standings-1.Camron Madsen-621 2.Zach Blume-606 3.Aubree Wartman-461

Rookie of the Year-Robert Rendo Sportsman-Casey Tillman Mechanic-Kirk Wartman Hard Luck-Katie Miller

Tates Rents Hornets

Standings-1.Rob Powers-1708 2.Kenny Driebergen-1610 3.Kodi Newberry-1437

Rookie of the Year-Kodi Newberry Sportsman-Mike Vester Mechanic-Thomas Harrod Hard Luck-Charlie Atkinson

Thunder Dogs

Standings-1.Bulldacious-1618 2.Devil Made Me Do It-803 3.Optimus Prime-735

Sportsman-Paul Orlando Mechanic-James Demillo Hard Luck-James Cloud

College of Western Idaho High School Tuners

Standings-1.Kendra Occhipinti-507 2.Jordan Harris-457 3.Peter Woog-428

 Sportsman-Tayvia Morris Mechanic-Rob Powers Hard Luck-Alex Hibbert

Junior Stingers

 Standings-1.Daytona Wurtz-547 2.Taylor Occhipinti-545 3.Katie Lober-261

 Sportsman-Taylor Occhipinti Mechanic-Aaron Harris Hard Luck-Katie Lober